JAN 20th2021
  • by Marcus Eby

QTEK has successfully introduced a new model of pallet dispenser to the warehousing and distribution market. The new model is designed for the increasingly popular half pallet. This size is becoming more popular for beverage deliveries into convenience stores and other retail locations where a smaller footprint is beneficial.

QTEK’s first models are designed to support Rehrig’s GEO and DUO half pallet systems and are in use at various Pepsi sites across North America. The architecture is flexible to allow many half pallet versions in both wood and plastic. The half pallet dispenser comes in 3 heights 16’ ( 80 pallets), 19’ ( 100 pallets) and 23’ ( 120 pallets) to take advantage of the ceiling height available.

For more information, contact info@qtekdesign.com

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