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When is it a Bad Idea to use a Pallet Inverter?

MAY 16th2019
  • by Marcus Eby

The Problem.

So there you are, using your Walkie Rider, or your Forklift and bam, a pallet breaks, gets damaged, or let’s face it, is just too old or too weak to handle a specific product. So what do you do? Well, you could purchase a machine that does something called ‘Pallet Inversion’ or is a ‘Pallet Inverter’. Sound expensive? It is. The machine literally turns your load upside down, so that you can just remove the pallet from the top of the load. Well that doesn’t sound so bad. But just think about it.

What Could Possibly go Wrong?

  • What about the distress caused to the load, especially if it’s a liquid or fragile. You wouldn’t want to hear your truck turned over with your product in the back, so why would you want to do that with the product in the warehouse?
  • What about the fact that its being placed upside down, some products should NEVER be placed upside down.
  • What about the weight? Why risk a major injury to one of your employees by turning a massive load upside down and relying that the machine won’t spill out, nothing will explode, and nothing topples over or breaks, because if they can guarantee there won’t be a problem with inverting, then you know it’s a VERY expensive machine.

What’s a Logical Solution?

If you are used to rolling your pallets full of product around, then why can’t you just roll into something that allows you to roll out the old pallet, and roll in the new? Well guess what, that’s what we built, ‘PalletX’. Probably the most logical solution to one of the most common warehouse problems. Sound inexpensive? It is. (it will make you feel stupid for buying an inverter) PalletX is NOT a pallet inverter and does NOT use pallet inversion. We’ve developed a better way to handle pallet transfers without using inversion. It’s a fully fledged ‘Pallet Exchanger’

How Does it Work and is it Difficult to Use?

  1. Roll your load into the PalletX machine
  2. Close front clamp/gate (load is locked on all four sides into place and can be verified with the attached monitor)
  3. Pallet is released, remove Pallet
  4. New Pallet is rolled in, and raised to the load level (watch it on the monitor)
  5. Pallet is released, remove Load including new Pallet.
  Did that sound too hard? Does it sound dangerous, to the employee? To the Load? To your Warehouse? No. It’s a 5 step process that even your newest employee can manage. All without extra insurance needed.

Simplifying Pallet Transfer

The most complex solution, isn’t always the best, in fact, it’s usually the opposite. With PalletX you’ll have a machine that you will use all the time, without any thought or concern to its safety, its ease of use and most importantly to the cost.

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