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At QTEK Design, we are committed to and passionate about solving our clients’ logistics challenges. We take pride in knowing that more and more companies are acknowledging that QTEK products are the safest, easiest, and most flexible solution to efficiently separate, stack and combine layers of products.

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Our Pallet Products

QTEK Design has some of the best, safest and most efficient Pallet Machinery in the industry, all started with our flagship product 'The QTEK Bomber'

Your Questions Answered

How does Stacking your Pallets Too High affect your Insurance and 3rd Party Logistics?

Manual pallet stacking is an uneven process, no matter how good your imperfect staff think they are. Your premiums will skyrocket when they analyze how you setup your warehouse without a proper pallet stacker when someone files an injury claim and they will.

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How do you Solve Cross Contamination While Moving Food Pallets?

Poultry, you’ve got 1500lbs of it and the bottom is starting to deteriorate and you need it on a plastic pallet, while it sits there staring at you on a wooden one. What do you do? Well you can’t invert it. And you risk contaminating a lot more if you unload and then reload it manually. You need a proper ‘Pallet Tool’.

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When is it a Bad Idea to use a Pallet Inverter?

The ‘pallet machine’ literally turns your load upside down, so that you can just remove the pallet from the top of the load. Well that doesn’t sound so bad. But just think about it. What about the weight? Why risk a major injury to one of your employees by turning a massive load upside down and relying that the machine can handle any situation? What about the distress caused to the load, especially if it’s a liquid or fragile.

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Why is Pallet Racking Storage and Manually Handling Product so Expensive?

The problem has always been that It’s very time consuming (instead of moving a pallet onto the truck within 30 seconds, you're now spending a few minutes to try and mix the pallets before you can start moving them to the truck) also it’s messy, it’s dangerous and more often than not, you have some spillage or broken or crushed product.

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