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How does Stacking your Pallets Too High affect your Insurance and 3rd Party Logistics?

AUG 04th2019
  • by Marcus Eby

The Problem.

You have really high ceilings in your warehouse, like everyone else. But every time you look at the wall of pallets you realize how short they are, and for access to your pickers, the stacks are even shorter. Most warehouses move and deal with their pallets by hand. This is very inefficient and you put your staff at risk of injury – hands, arms, shoulders and feet. The truth is, pallet de-stacking and moving issues directly relate to more injury claims and decreased productivity. You need to protect your staff and your business. You need a QTEK 'Pallet De-Stacker'.

Whats the Solution?

The 'DStacker' was designed to remove the most sensitive and fragile asset from all pallet injuries, your staff. Imagine never having to lift another pallet by hand, EVER AGAIN. That is exactly what we've created and that's just one of the ways you can save money in your warehouse. The 'DStacker' was designed to make the process of getting a pallet onto a Walkie Rider or Pallet Jack safer, easier and quicker, but it ends up solving a whole lot more.

What are the Benefits?

  1. No Power. That's right! - the 'DStacker GS4' requires no power connection. Save money, without even trying.
  2. Warehouses change their layout about every 2 years. Re-locate the machine exactly to where you want it in just 2 hours - and no running power to it.
  3. It's "GREEN". That's right, no gas, no power, no carbon footprint. You are helping the environment and people who work for you like that. (not to mention all the shareholders)
  4. Stack as many pallets as you want. Use up all that beautiful ceiling real estate by stacking them safely and properly within the 'DStacker'. Up to 40 pallets tall.
  5. Remove the bottom pallet as needed. It's like a Pez dispenser for pallets.
  6. Super easy and quick to use. Spend seconds getting the pallets you need.
  7. Never have another 'Pallet Jack Fail' that results in an injury claim!

Zero Power Pallet Dispensing

Talk to our sales team - Let us help you make your warehouse safer, more efficient and get you a better return on your investment. Let us do the heavy lifting. You don't need higher insurance premiums or injury settlements that are based on not having the right tools. You need to have an efficient and safe environment for your staff. You need the QTEK 'DStacker'.

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