We’ve been in the pallet racking and handling business for a long time and we know, if you have pallets, you have a housekeeping problem. We finally have the solution you’ve been looking for!



The Pallet Tower is a high density storage solution for up to 80 pallets in a 5’x9’ footprint. We have multiple sizes to accommodate different ceiling heights – from 24’ to 40’ in 4 foot increments.

These are for standard 48x40 CHEP or GMA pallets. Other sizes can be custom ordered.


It has a lower 8 foot “working area” for storing and retrieving pallets with a forklift and an upper storage area that is accessed when the lower area is full and more need to be stored, or pallets are retrieved when the working area is empty.


The lower section is very heavy duty steel construction to align pallets neatly as they are brought to the tower by a forklift. This forces them into a neat stack to be retrieved and taken to a process area for use or, once the working area is full, to be lifted into the upper storage. Once the lower area is empty, pallets can be lowered from upper storage and those above the storage latches are put back up into the storage section.

A Better Pallet Rack


As the forklift is the picking device, an operator can pick as few or as many pallets as they need.


Eliminates risk of injury from manual handling – back, shoulders, arms etc. Eliminates slip, trip & fall risk from pallets on floor. Eliminates risk of pallets tipping or being knocked over if stacked too high on their own.


Most facilities limit pallet storage height to 8-10 feet, now you can save up to 75% of the storage floorspace across the facility, but keeping the pallets very accessible.


5S programs made easier with designated space for pallets and huge visual improvement in work areas. Improve pride of place among employees from better appearance. Improve morale as injuries are reduced. Improve morale when workers see their safety is taken seriously.


Towers can be clustered together near a dock so an entire incoming truckload of pallets can be put away safely until they are needed in a processing / packing area. Process areas that create empty pallets as material is consumed, and use pallets for shipping at different rates can eliminate fork tuck travel time by storing many pallets nearby in one pallet footprint. When time permits, a fork truck driver can make the long trip from the process area to a storage area with a full stack rather than just a few at a time.


Anywhere in a facility that has to store pallets, but needs floorspace badly. Reduce outside pallet storage by going higher inside. Many benefits of keeping your fork trucks inside and reducing travel time for storage or retrieval. When paired with a QTEK DStacker, reloading time is reduced by having a large supply of pallets next to the dispenser.


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