JUL 08th2020
  • by Marcus Eby

As COVID has invaded every aspect or our economy, everyone is looking at ways to protect employees and moving to touchless transactions as much as possible. This is a challenge for an order picking warehouse environment that has a large physical handling component.  

QTEK products can help meet the challenge in many ways and improve safety and productivity along the way.  

PALLET DISPENSERS – Manual pallet handling for order pickers can be eliminated by installing a QTEK dispenser. The machine is loaded by fork trucks and order pickers select their own pallet with their walkie rider without getting off their machine or touching a pallet thereby eliminating potential contamination.

This also avoids ergonomic stressors and reduces pallet damage that occurs when employees tip a pallet off a tall stack to get it ready for their cycle if a lift truck didn’t lay some out ahead of time. Floorspace is greatly reduced as 50 pallets can be stacked in the machine, avoiding laying many down for operators to pick from to begin their cycle.  

PALLET EXCHANGER & BOMBER Utilizing either of these can eliminate a great deal of manual labour moving cartons from one pallet to another to change pallet type, replace a damaged pallet, later stack height of product or layer pick partial loads. This can move your operation towards touchless pallet handling and get the added benefits of productivity increases and injury avoidance.  

If you only need to exchange pallets, a Pallet X will meet your needs. If you need to layer pick or change load heights we know the Bomber can do the job for you. The Bomber has been a success throughout the food and beverage industry so don’t worry about what you think are difficult loads – we probably have a machine handling them somewhere now.

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