SEP 22nd2020
  • by Dave Stormes

QTEK is pleased to announce that it has begun shipping its largest order to date – 64 D500 Double DStacker pallet dispensers for a large U.S. retailer’s national grocery distribution network.  After successfully using single DStackers in their Canadian operation for three years and trialing the new Double dispenser in multiple sites for 8 months, the commitment to QTEK’s solution was made to enhance safety and productivity across their network.  Machines will be delivered throughout the fall of 2020.


The D500 supports single and double pallet dispensing providing great flexibility for order pickers using a mix of single and double walkie riders.  Productivity increases dramatically by being able to pick two pallets in one operation for a double walkie rider.  The D500 supports a “touchless warehouse” operation in the COVID era.  By eliminating all manual pallet handling, the opportunity for injury is eliminated and pallet damage reduced dramatically.  The reduction in pallet damage means far less wood debris on the floor greatly increasing the life of lift truck and walkie rider tires across the warehouse.


QTEK is proud of its partnership with many long standing customers and continues to innovate to provide solutions to “ improve the warehouse, one pallet at a time”.  For more information on the D500 or other QTEK products go to

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