Although it is dependent upon a number of factors, typical installations result in a 3 - 18 month payback. This does not include cost savings due to a reduction in damaged product or worker injuries.
It requires just 49 sq ft of floor space, 1 CFM of 60psi supplied air and a 110V/15AMP outlet.
That is one of its claims to fame! It virtually eliminates hand stacking or 'hand bombing' due to its ability to pick either a single layer, multiple layers or an entire pallet.
Definitely. Any standard forklift with a lift height of 7ft will work. It does not require any retrofitting or special attachment.
The Bomber can perform the first pallet split in 60 seconds and do an additional layer pick in 30 seconds. Bomber Capacity:
  • ¬†Bottles - 1,920 Cases/Man Hour
  • Cans - 2,352 Cases/Man Hour

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