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Pallet Dispenser

What are Pallet Dispensers?

A Pallet Dispenser is kind of like a giant Pez dispenser for wooden pallets, or skids. You can load and pop-out pallets from the pallet dispenser, making it a storage device as well as a safer speedier way of loading pallets onto fork-lifts, walkie riders, and fork-trucks.

QTEK Design pallet dispensers reduce back injuries, muscle injuries, cuts, bruises among a host of other safety benefits over manually stacking pallets/skids. With a pallet dispenser you aren't lifting or dragging them around. 

They create a reduction in fire hazards, instead of creating a warehouse of kindling, you have better organization of your pallets, as nothing is placed randomly around the warehouse.

QTEK pallet products are aesthetically pleasing and built amazingly well. Better than all of our competitors, which means LESS maintenance.

Our products don't have a breakdown schedule. It's been over 13 years for many of our installations and there has been no history of breakdowns or parts that are fallible.

How does a Pallet Dispenser Work?

A pallet dispenser is a device that allows you to collect and distribute pallets. It can be mechanical and electrical or needs no electricity at all. It usually allows the user to grab one or more pallets so they can begin stacking products on it. A machine that organizes and dispenses wooden pallets/skids in a timely fashion.

You drive your forklift or walkie rider up to the machine. Push in with the forks, and a pallet (or multiple pallets) are loaded on to the forks, and then the driver reverses to pull them out, ready to move to the product area for loading/stacking.


Safety Reminder #1

Pallet Dispensers are for your benefit. They represent less back injuries, cuts, bruises and muscle injuries that are caused by manually lifting and moving pallets by hand. Our pallet machines, go even further. Making the usage of a fork-lift, or walkie rider, much safer than many other pallet machines out there.

Whatever you choose for your warehouse think about the effects lower end quality of machinery means to your bottom line at the end of every fiscal year. Parts than can break, or don't hold up to heavy usage, can cause injuries, not just to the driver, but to any staff around them. People matter, and so does your choice in pallet machinery.

Pick only the best and the safest. Our machinery is tried and tested over time, our DStacker is made to last and made to be safe. And we have the numbers to prove it.

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