How do you Solve Cross Contamination While Moving Food Pallets?

OCT 21st2019
  • by Marcus Eby

The Problem.

Poultry, you’ve got 1500lbs of it and the bottom is starting to deteriorate and you need it on a plastic pallet, while it sits there staring at you on a wooden one. What do you do? Well you can’t invert it. And you risk contaminating a lot more if you unload and then reload it manually.

Whats the Best Solution?

‘PalletX cPAK’ was designed to move one pallet to another while always maintaining the stability of the load, allowing you to do what we like to call Combo Pack Pallet Transfers. Sound complicated, well it’s not. Actually it sounds messy. But even that’s solved. Let’s walk you through a scenario. Many companies now have detailed requirements for dealing with food pallets, include protections put in place against cross contamination, they may even need to exchange wood pallets to plastic and vice versa. ‘PalletX cPAK’ was designed to solve those problems.

How Does it Work?

  1. Roll your difficult and weirdly shaped wooden pallet load into the ‘PalletX cPAK’ machine
  2. Close front clamp/gate (load is locked on all four sides into place and can be verified with the attached monitor)
  3. Pallet is released, remove Pallet (go on, have a look underneath, you’ll see the wet cardboard box of a mess is just hanging there, almost challenging you to put a pallet under it)
  4. New Pallet is rolled in, and raised to the load level (watch it on the monitor)
  5. Pallet is released, remove Load including new Pallet.
It’s still a 5 step process, just like its brother ‘PalletX’. Simple, quick, inexpensive, and solves all of your difficult pallet transfer needs. It is a true ‘Pallet Mover’.

Pallet Transfer Redefined

PalletX is an amazing product, but we have many clients that are concerned about food products, cross contamination, even difficult loads, and PalletX cPAK is that solution. You spoke, we listened, and we built exactly what you asked for. Let us show you how quickly we can have this installed in your warehouse at a cost you know will get approved.

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